About Us
What is the Radiant Future ethic? Pop music for grown ups. And iDiots. Have we've said that already? Probably, but we firmly believe that you won't remember it.

Here you can find various manifestations of the Martin Gordon Group of Musical Ventures, both well- and ill-advised. Our popular musical ethic is to be found in all our hand-crafted audio products. For the literate, there is also an item of reading material. If you are unfortunately not possessed of the requisite skills, your cell-mate will be only too happy to read it to you, or will act out the most dramatic moments on request.

By the way, did you know that on the Radiant Future homepage there is a stimulating poster of a beaver, which will appeal to any lover of nature and will dramatically improve your immediate environment? Well, there is. Please save the beaver. No proceeds at all from the sale of this poster will go towards the admirable SNATCH campaign (Save Nice Animals That Chew Hardwoods). Full details can be found here, on Martin Gordon's homepage.

All delectable, engaging infotainment products are naturally also available as downloads, including the otherwise-unavailable 'Hello Boston!'