About Us
We are proud to bring you our new store in partnership with Amazon.com. Amazon deliver their wide range of products worldwide and this includes delivery to BFPO addresses.

Using our specially created online shop you can send gifts, DVDs, clothes, toiletries, electronic goods and anything else to yourself or to friends and relatives worldwide, including to British Forces Post Office addresses.

You can return to the Sending to Soldiers website at any point by simply clicking on the Sendingtosoldiers.com homepage link.

How to enter BFPO Addresses

BFPO addresses must be entered into the fields in the online order form in a specific format, as shown below, ensuring that the BFPO number is entered into the postcode field:

Full name: Service Number, Rank, Name

Address line 1: Company

Address line 2: leave field blank

Town/City: Regiment

County: leave field blank

Postcode: BFPO ### (eg: BFPO 123)

Country: United Kingdom

Phone number: enter a contact number, either your own or the recipient's

You will be asked for a contact number in case there's a problem with delivery. If you don't want to enter one, type "N/A" in the relevant box. This will allow you to proceed.

Please note: BFPO addresses are eligible for free Super Saver Delivery. See terms and conditions when making your purchase.

The BFPO website contains a list of goods which may not be shipped to BFPO addresses, visit:

http://www.bfpo.mod.uk/mail_prohibitions.htm for more information.

You will receive sales receipts from Amazon UK and your contract will be with them. You will need to contact them with any queries regarding your order.

Happy Shopping!